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TOKUYAMA® IONOTITE F is a self-adhesive composite ionomer luting cement which offers superb adhesion, adhesive durability, easy hadling and low sensitivity to water and moisture. TOKUYAMA® IONOTITE F contians the precious metal adhesive monomer named "MTU-6" and the phosphoric acid monomer which has good effect on adhesion to tooth substance and non preciaous metal. TOKUYAMA® IONOTITE F has an excellent mixability due to its favorable powder-liquid assimilation and bearing effect from the round silica particles in the powder component.


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  • Excellent adhesion to precious metal and teeth
  • Easy clean-up
  • Easy handling
  • Low water sensitivity
  • Fluoride releasing
  • Thin film thickness


  • Porcelain fused to metal crowns and bridges
  • Cast crowns and bridges with resin facings
  • Metal inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges
  • Cast posts

LOW WATER SENSITIVITY Ionotite F Solidifies Firmly Even in Water

Physical Properties

  • *Not a registered trademark of Tokuyama Dental Corp.
    **Nagasaki University, Adhesive Dentistry 21(2) 52-57, 2003

Product Packages Available

Tokuyama® Ionotite F Kit

  • Powder/20g
  • Liquid/6.4mL
  • Powder Measuring Scoop
  • Mixing Pad
Tokuyama® Ionotite F Kit

Tokuyama® Ionotite F Powder Refill

  • Powder/20g

Tokuyama® Ionotite F Liquid Refill

  • Liquid/6.4mL

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